Visualforce onclick doesn’t execute action or rerender

I’m having a problem. Up till’ now, I was using my own jQuery build to do this. Meanwhile, I was told to change it to jQuery validation plugin. It was working before but now I’ve been stuck in trying to make the action of the command execute and rerender (it doesn’t even rerender at the moment). The field validation work fine, just the submit is messing me all up. I’d appreciate any help or advice you could give.

Lightning:Input – Hide (Reset) Field Level Error message Enabled by using showHelpMessageIfInvalid()

Have few Lightning:Input and Lightning:Select components in My Component A.
All the fields are having Required attribute as ‘true’.
Once fields are validated, Field level error (help) messages appear at the bottom of the field and will be there until input Field data is changed (is valid). I have used showHelpMessageIfInvalid() to enable this error message on field explicitly from controller.