Why are there scroll bars despite fitting a canvas exactly to the screen

I have a page with exactly one visible element: a canvas. I am setting the canvas’ width & height to be exactly the width and height of the window (window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight), however horizontal and vertical scroll bars still appear and allow me to scroll around a very small amount. None of my elements have … Read more

Make iframe automatically adjust height according to the contents without using scrollbar?

For example: <iframe name="Stack" src="https://stackoverflow.com/" width="740" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" id="iframe"> … </iframe> I want it to be able to adjust its height according to the contents inside it, without using scroll. Answers: Thank you for visiting the Q&A section on Magenaut. Please note that all the answers may not help you solve the issue immediately. So … Read more

Prevent scroll-bar from adding-up to the Width of page on Chrome

I have a small issue trying to keep my .html pages at a consistent width on Chrome,
For example I have a page (1) with lots of contents that overflows the viewport’s (right word?) height, so there’s a vertical scroll-bar on that page (1). On page (2) i have the same layout (menus, divs,…etc) but less content, so no vertical scroll-bars in there.