tkinter: using scrollbars on a canvas

I’m trying to make a canvas scrollable. However, once I try to set up scrollbars to work with the canvas, tkinter seems to completely ignore the dimensions I initially set for my canvas. I’ve tried packing them all in a frame, setting the canvas to fill the frame and then setting the frame size, but that presents the same problem unless I set the frame to fill the window as well, which isn’t what I want. Basically, I want a fixed-size canvas with scrollbars on it. My current code looks like this (in python 3.1):

How to bind a click event to a Canvas in Tkinter?

In this example, we use the bind method of the frame widget to bind a callback function to an event called . Run this program and click in the window that appears. Each time you click, a message like “clicked at 44 63” is printed to the console window. Keyboard events are sent to the widget that currently owns the keyboard focus. You can use the focus_set method to move focus to a widget: