Connection reset by peer using sshfs

I am using a fuse/sshfs mount which worked fine so far. Now I had to reinstall the server system and suddenly getting the classic read: Connection reset by peer error. I am using public key authentication and copied my key to the newly installed system. Normal ssh login works fine. I changed the log to debug but sadly this doesn’t give me any useful information:

How to auto mount an ssh file system on demand with an RSA key

I am trying to auto mount a folder from my raspberry pi (/home/pi/server_folder), to a local folder (/home/my_name/raspberrypi). I can do this with sshfs (auto mount in fstab) when I set up a blank rsa key, but when I try to use an actual key, like 123, the raspberry pi filesystem wont mount. This is pretty obvious, since I have to supply the passphrase, but is there a way to have it ask for the passphrase when I first try to access /home/my_name/raspberrypi, or do something similar to that? Because if someone gets my laptop, they dont need to put a password or anything in to get access to my raspberry pi, if I leave the rsa key blank. I have looked into autofs, and autosshfs, but autosshfs won’t download, and autofs doesn’t explain how to mount with an actual rsa key (well, I haven’t found a guide on how to). I’m using arch Linux, latest version. Here is the fstab entry:

How to specify key in SSHFS?

I’ve got a question that I’ve not been able to find an answer for. I have two computers, both of which run Ubuntu Linux 12.04. I have set up my first computer (“home”) to be able to SSH into my second computer (“remote”) using public/private RSA key authentication.

Proper way to set the umask for SFTP transactions?

My goal is to allow all users who are members of the “team” group to edit (r/w) the same set of remote files — normal work collaboration — using a local mount point. I have tried NFS and SSHFS using ACLs without success yet. Here I am trying to get SSHFS working by making the umask correct (which, in theory, should solve the problems I’m experiencing).