ignoring mysql fulltext stopwords in query

I’m building a search for a site, which utilizes a fulltext search. The search itself works great, that’s not my problem. I string together user provided keywords (MATCH… AGAINST…) with AND’s so that multiple words further narrow the results. Now, I know that certain stop words aren’t indexed, and that’s fine with me I don’t really want to use them as selection criteria. But, if a stopword is provided in the keyword set (by the user), it kills all the results (as expected) even if the word actually is in a certain text block.

Stopword removal with NLTK

I am trying to process a user entered text by removing stopwords using nltk toolkit, but with stopword-removal the words like ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘not’ gets removed. I want these words to be present after stopword removal process as they are operators which are required for later processing text as query. I don’t know which are the words which can be operators in text query, and I also want to remove unnecessary words from my text.