Input a link to submit a form and then extract data from that link – FLASK

I have set up a small section within my application where a user can add a link and submit/apply for a job. I then want to extract information from the link the user inputs and save it within my database. However, I am quite stuck.
I can’t seem to get the requests.get to recognise the input because it is a link.
Also, I am not sure about how to save the info, within a specific column within the database.

How to open URL that is inside of textbox

So I have tried this one:
<input type="url" id="textbox" /> <input type="button" id="btn" value="Submit" onClick="javascript: window.location = document.getElementById('textbox').value; />
What I tried to do was that my site would have a text area where I can write a URL and then once you’ve pressed “Submit” would go to that site without opening a new window or tab. What mistake I have made?