JavaScript at bottom/top of web page?

I was just using the plugin “Yslow” for Mozilla Firefox, and it told me that I should put JavaScript at the bottom. I have heard this before but haven’t really thought about it too much. Is there really an advantage in putting JavaScript at the bottom of a web page compared to the top?

How to use greasemonkey to selectively remove content from a website

The content I am trying to modify has a series of <div> entries, and within each of these are other <div> entries. There are no id tags to help here. What I want the script to do is inspect the content of each of these <div> entries and look for some text. This will be used to determine whether the whole ” entry is deleted/hidden or not. Is this possible? How?

Convert webpage to image from ASP.NET

I would like to create a function in C# that takes a specific webpage and coverts it to a JPG image from within ASP.NET. I don’t want to do this via a third party or thumbnail service as I need the full image. I assume I would need to somehow leverage the webbrowser control from within ASP.NET but I just can’t see where to get started. Does anyone have examples?