Trying to avoid including wp-load.php

I am working a plugin where I am trying to connect an HR system with WordPress. There is an XML API on the HR system so I have written the plugin to take the data and put it into a WordPress database table specific to my plugin. This is all done via the built in AJAX etc but there was a request for the person to be able to schedule a task so that it wasn’t querying the HR system on every site visit (the list of positions need to be displayed on the site front page). Then the problem becomes syncing. This is an IIS environment so they want to use Scheduled Tasks to sync the site. I explained the WordPress scheduled task API but they prefer to have it sync manually through their own infrastructure.

Displaying content from one WP site on separate WP site

I have two totally separate WP websites setup. Different domains, different databases. I manage both of them and they are both hosted on a dedicated server. I am trying to include some basic content that requires just a tad more than an RSS feed. I need to pull data from SITE-1 and display it on SITE-2, using basic WP formatting from a loop. Everywhere I’ve looked makes it seem impossible. I’ve tried calling wp-load.php but can’t get it to work, and am not sure if it is even the right way to go. I have access to both sites’ root servers, and even the server root if necessary. Is there anyway to do this? Thanks!