Can I use to define global variables?

I want to define a constant that should be available in all of the submodules of a package. I’ve thought that the best place would be in in the file of the root package. But I don’t know how to do this. Suppose I have a few subpackages and each with several modules. How can I access that variable from these modules?

How to fix boot into initramfs prompt and “mount: can’t read ‘/etc/fstab’: No such file or directory” and “No init found”?

Installing a new system using a GPT partitioned disk dedicated to a single partition, ext4 formatted, extlinux (version 4.05) as bootloader, Ubuntu Core version 13.10 amd64 as rootfs, and Ubuntu linux-image-3.11.0-18-generic as kernel, and extlinux-update to generate bootloader configuration.

Orphan process’s parent id is not 1 when parent process executed from GNOME Terminal

I start a new process from GNOME Terminal and then this process fork a child.
But when I killed the parent process the orphaned process’s parent id became something other than 1 which represent init --user pid.
When I do this in virtual terminals, the parent pid is 1 which represent init process.
How can I execute new process from GNOME Terminal so that when it is died, the child process’s parent pid became 1 and not pid of init --user process?
Thanks a lot.