PHP Background Processes

I’m trying to make a PHP script, I have the script finished but it takes like 10 minutes to finish the process it is designed to do. This is not a problem, however I presume I have to keep the page loaded all this time which is annoying. Can I have it so that I start the process and then come back 10mins later and just view the log file it has generated?

Can I use threads to carry out long-running jobs on IIS?

In an ASP.Net application, the user clicks a button on the webpage and this then instantiates an object on the server through the event handler and calls a method on the object.
The method goes off to an external system to do stuff and this could take a while. So, what I would like to do is run that method call in another thread so I can return control to the user with “Your request has been submitted”.
I am reasonably happy to do this as fire-and-forget, though it would be even nicer if the user could keep polling the object for status.

How to prevent a Hangfire recurring job from restarting after 30 minutes of continuous execution

I am working on an mvc-5 web application, and I am facing a problem in using Hangfire tool to run long running background jobs. the problem is that if the job execution exceed 30 minutes, then hangfire will automatically initiate another job, so I will end up having two similar jobs running at the same time.