More Complicated Authentication for Hangfire Dashboard

I am using hangfire on an app and I have the need to do dashboard auth using my repositories. To do that, I have to resolve the repository inside Hangfire’s Authorize method but, using OwinContext I haven’t been able to do so. I chose to use SimpleInjector for this project, and since it registers everything during WebApiConfigs Register method, I want to reach it. Recently I used a middleware as MessageHandler and from that, I successfully resolved a dependency using HttpRequestMessage. But on OwinContext I can’t reach it and resolve a dependency through it using HttpRequestMessage.GetDependencyScope().

How to prevent a Hangfire recurring job from restarting after 30 minutes of continuous execution

I am working on an mvc-5 web application, and I am facing a problem in using Hangfire tool to run long running background jobs. the problem is that if the job execution exceed 30 minutes, then hangfire will automatically initiate another job, so I will end up having two similar jobs running at the same time.