Isn’t $HOME supposed to be the location of the user’s home directory?

I’m having trouble with a web application I’m writing: The web application, which runs as user nobody, needs to launch an inkscape process to manipulate some SVG files. Because this runs as user nobody, there is no home directory. What I am doing is creating a temporary directory under /tmp and trying to set that as the home directory via export HOME=/tmp/someUniqueId. I then set a few things in that “temporary” home directory, like a symlink .fonts to the folder for the font files to use.

How do I make reusable content blocks for header and footer when using WordPress headless with another front-end?

I’m setting up a WordPress project with Gatsby as frontend, and also using ACF for content. But I wonder how you would setup global content parts like header, footer, or any other kind of content that is being used globally throughout the website? For example both HOME and ABOUT pages need to have their “own” content, but also shares some specific blocks with same content.