How to design a multi tenant mysql database

Let us say I need to design a database which will host data for multiple companies. Now for security and admin purposes I need to make sure that the data for different companies is properly isolated but I also do not want to start 10 mysql processes for hosting the data for 10 companies on 10 different servers. What are the best ways to do this with the mysql database.

Stancl/Tenancy – How do i automatically run the migrations when a new tenant is created?

When i create a new tenant the migrations for the new tenant doesnt run and I was wondering how I would automatically run the migrations for the newly created tenant after it is created. Is there an artisan command that has to be run in the background for it to work? Here is my controllers code so far when a request comes through to create a tenant.

stancl/tenancy: How to fetch data from tenant db globally?

I used to fetch data from db and make available in all View through ServiceProvider, But now, I am using stancl/tenancy for multi-tenant system. And I need to pass some global data to all view files, writing the fetch data in ServiceProvider returns data from central database only. So, how can I fetch data from tenant DB to all view files globally before requesting any other requests?