Getting close to hosting provider’s monthly bandwidth limit – alternatives?

The maximum plan I can get for bandwidth limit is 1500GB/month. Some providers say they offer unlimited, but when I called them, none are willing to actually offer let’s say 3000GB/month. Right now I use about 50GB/day or 1500GB/month. I checked on some CDNs such as CloudFlare and they all offer enterprise plans, which are … Read more

Socket.IO server performance and bandwidth usage

I’m about to host a small socket server on a local computer and I’d like to know what kind of bandwidth it’s going to use. On most days it will have no more than 50 clients connected at once, but once or twice a week it could have as many as 5,000+ clients at once. However, the only messages sent will be an occasional single message to all connected clients at once with no extra data or anything.

What is the most accurate method of estimating peak bandwidth requirement for a web application?

I am working on a client proposal and they will need to upgrade their network infrastructure to support hosting an ASP.NET application. Essentially, I need to estimate peak usage for a system with a known quantity of users (currently 250). A simple answer like “you’ll need a dedicated T1 line” would probably suffice, but I’d like to have data to back it up.