Mismatch in Links recieved through email alerts and User getting redirected to home page

We have a case where our users create tasks. When they create tasks, they also check the “Send Email Notification” checkbox present on the task. As a result the owner of the task, receives an email containing task details and a link to the task. However, when the user clicks on the link received in the email, he is redirected to the homepage instead of the task record detail page. I did notice one difference in the link present in the email and the actual URL that is required to navigate to the task record.

SAML/ADFS node.js implementation guide?

I’d like to preface this by saying that until now, I hadn’t even HEARD of SAML, much less developed a SSO strategy involving it. That, combined with the fact that I’ve barely been doing node for a year makes for a glorious newbie sandwich. Currently, I have a client who uses SAML and ADFS as their SSO provider. I am already using passport.js for local logins, so using passport-saml seems to be the way to go to implement the SSO using SAML/ADFS. In doing my research, I’ve found a couple different implementation guides, but since I literally know NOTHING about this process, I could use a few pointers.

How can I authenticate asp.net web application with custom login server?

I am making custom Single-Sign-On service with asp.net core. I made login server which returns JWT token in the cookie with validation. I would like to connect my web application to the login server, so the web application recognize if the user is logged in or not by login server.
Is it possible to do it with startup.cs setting in the web application? And if so how can I make it? I don’t want to put the token checking process in every actions.