Upgrading Azure Functions to 5.0 : System.UriFormatException

I have been working on upgrading one of our Azure Functions implementations to .net 5. I have battled may demons already but just as I though I had sorted out all the config and dependency injection changes, it throws a curve ball at me. After host.RunAsync in Main, I get the following exception and I am at a bit of a loss as to the culprit. Has anyone run into and fixed this one?

Handling error in .NET5 with a custom response class

I’m coming from a Java/Spring background and I’m trying to learn .NET 5.I’m working on a Web API,everything is Ok, but somehow I couldn’t understand or make it work, I’ve tried some solutions found online, but as things changed over years I don’t know if they don’t work anymore or there is some better way to do this.

C# asp.net passing an object with a long property to front end changes it’s value

I’m building an application with a react.js front-end (although I’m fairly sure that’s not relevant to the issue) and an asp.net back-end (targeting net5.0, not sure if that’s relevant). When I call to the back-end API, I get back an object that includes, in part, an ID it generated based on the data passed in, … Read more