Quartz.NET scheduler doesn’t fire jobs/triggers once deployed

INTRODUCTION I’m using Quartz.Net on an ASP.Net framework 4, webforms web site. Basically, the user should have the hability to fire manually a batch script that asynchronously processes thousands of records stored on a database. The user can stop or pause at any time, adjust some variables, and continue if needed with the process (remaining … Read more

Quartz Scheduler: How to pass custom objects as JobParameter?

I am planning to write a ASP.NET page to trigger the job on demand. Currently, I am using SimpleTrigger class to trigger the job but none of the __Trigger class supports object type as value in JobParameters and it has come to my knowledge that WCF Tcp binding is used under the hook to pass the parameters to job scheduling engine. I would like to know how to pass custom object (serializable) as job parameters.
Thanks for your advice!

Quartz.Net scheduler works locally but not on remote host

I have a timed quartz.net job working fine on my dev machine, but once deployed to a remote server it is not triggering. I believe the job is scheduled ok, because if I postback, it tells me the job already exists (I normally check for postback however). The email code definitely works, as the ‘button1_click’ event sends emails successfully.

Quartz.NET from config.xml in ASP.NET

Can someone advise on what I am doing wrong.
I am trying to setup quartz so that on startup it will read an xml config file. Inside the file there is a job that activates my HelloEmail_Job.cs class (it is created correctly, extending IJob with the logic in the execute method). The xml also has a cron trigger for the job that will fire every minute (purely for testing).