Implement conditional Routing in Angular

I am trying to implement the following functionality. When a button is clicked to check a condition, condition should be a variable (or a sum in my case) different from undefined (if different then success). Then either go to the success-page if the condition is met or to display the fail page if the condition is not met (+ if nothing was changed in the page just go to the success-page).

Laravel routes and controllers not working

Good day All
I’m am working on my first laravel project and I ran into a problem that I cant seem to fix.
I have a few basic views, controllers, and routes that work together with a basic HTML navbar. The problem I am having is that when I click on the next page in my navbar it works fine and it goes to the link but when clicking on another link from that page it adds to the path and then it can’t find the page. My routes work through the basic controllers that return a view only for now
For example

React.JS pass state to link, props.location.state is undefined

I am passing a state to the Link component and trying to access the state using props.location.satate. Unfortunately, the state is undefined. I have tried to send the state from the to attribute using the pathname and state, still undefined. <Route exact path=”/private/orders” name=”Orders” component={PrivateOrders} /> Private orders import React from ‘react’ const PrivateOrders = … Read more

React route how to get to the page i want

So, i have a code that is using react-route, and i have a few pages, but when i get to one of them, i can’t enter the others, since the URL gets stuck in the actual page, is there any way to solve this? When i go from the app page, to the CheckOut page, my url gets like this: localhost:3000/CheckOut, and when i try to move to the Comprar page, its gets like this: localhost:3000/CheckOut/Comprar, which is not working, and when i manually write the url like this: localhost:3000/Comprar, it do work, i want to know how can i get to the Checkout page, and then go to the Comprar page, and the URL should look like this: localhost:3000/Comprar.

netlify redirects not working in react app

I’m at a beggining of my programmer journey, this is my firt post, probably not last.
So here is problem. I build portfolio project in React, using create-react-app. It was not necessary technology but I wanted to practice, by moving simple site to React. I used routes for multipage (there is only 2 pages). I used custom domain, because this will be site for my mother hairdresser salon, and Netlify free hosting. Here is link:
I struggle with redirection for gallery (galeria).
If I go directly there or refresh, its not working. I used API for pictures, if thats matter. I found out I need to use _redirects file in build folder, but I cant figure out exact syntax for this (I checked Netlify documentation about _redirects). For now my _redirects file looks like this: