Storing very large integers in MySQL

I need to store a very large number (tens of millions) of 512-bit SHA-2 hashes in a MySQL table. To save space, I’d like to store them in binary form, rather than a string a hex digits. I’m using an ORM (DBix::Class) so the specific details of the storage will be abstracted from the code, which can inflate them to any object or structure that I choose.

What are MySQL database engines?

A database engine (or storage engine) is the underlying software component that a database management system (DBMS) uses to create, read, update and delete (CRUD) data from a database. Most database management systems include their own application programming interface (API) that allows the user to interact with their underlying engine without going through the user interface of the DBMS.

Where to store uploaded files (sound, pictures and video)

A while a go I had to developed a music site that allowed audio files to be uploaded to a site and then converted in to various formats using ffmpeg, people would then download the uploaded audio files after purchasing them and a tmp file would be created and placed at the download location and was only valid for each download instance and the tmp file would then get deleted.

Best way to synchronize local HTML5 DB (WebSQL Storage, SQLite) with a server (2 way sync)

I am developing a mobile web application (for iPhone & Android) with a local database (using html5 webstorage) so my app is still usable when the user is offline. This is working perfectly, but I want to save the local data on a server. So I need to synchronize the local DB with a DB … Read more

Table that lists all local storage items used on site

According to the newest regulations and our law department each website our company owns/manages needs to have a page that lists all cookies and local storage items used on the site. I tried to find some examples on how the actual list should look like. I managed to find a table of cookies that contains all cookies used on site – it has 4 columns in total: cookie name, cookie type, its purpose and duration.