Need to execute *.exe in server from

My current situation is that I need to execute an exe(which creates a local .txt file) in remote server with IIS hosting an API. I created a local user(say userA) as admin to run the web service in the remote server but the .txt file was not created. I already checked and granted necessary folder permissions to userA and added the user in various groups. The funny thing is that if i am logged in as userA in the remote system, the exe gets executed as expected. If i log out then it fails. Server is Win server 2008 with IIS 7. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

I’ve been hacked. Evil aspx file uploaded called AspxSpy. They’re still trying. Help me trap them‼

I’m also putting up the contents of the .aspx file that was uploaded. When I try to access it, I get prompted for a password, looking at the code, there’s a harcoded password but it looks like some MD5 encryption is going on and I can’t get in to look at what is behind the password protection on this hackers page. Can someone help with getting past the password protection?

ASP.Net which user account running Web Service on IIS 7?

I want to know which account running my Web Service/Application so that I can assign the read/write access to that account. I have researched and see most of the sources mentions about ASPNET account, but on my 2008 server, there is not any acount named ASPNET. Some sources say ASPNET is being replaced by NETWORK SERVICE?