Programmatically generate video or animated GIF in Python?

I have a series of images that I want to create a video from. Ideally I could specify a frame duration for each frame but a fixed frame rate would be fine too. I’m doing this in wxPython, so I can render to a wxDC or I can save the images to files, like PNG. Is there a Python library that will allow me to create either a video (AVI, MPG, etc) or an animated GIF from these frames?

Embedding a Pygame window into a Tkinter or WxPython frame

A friend and I are making a game in pygame. We would like to have a pygame window embedded into a tkinter or WxPython frame, so that we can include text input, buttons, and dropdown menus that are supported by WX or Tkinter. I have scoured the internet for an answer, but all I have found are people asking the same question, none of these have been well answered.

Quick and easy: trayicon with python?

I’d just need a quick example on how to easily put an icon with python on my systray. This means: I run the program, no window shows up, just a tray icon (I’ve got a png file) shows up in the systray and when I right-click on it a menu appears with some options (and when I click on an option, a function is run).
Is that possible? I don’t need any window at all…