Stress testing SD cards using linux

I got into a little debate with someone yesterday regarding the logic and/or veracity of my answer here, vis., that logging and maintaining fs meta-data on a decent (GB+) sized SD card could never be significant enough to wear the card out in a reasonable amount of time (years and years). The jist of the counter-argument seemed to be that I must be wrong since there are so many stories online of people wearing out SD cards.

generate consistent machine unique ID

Can we generate a unique id for each PC, something like uuuidgen, but it will never change unless there are hardware changes? I was thinking about merging CPUID and MACADDR and hash them to generate a consistent ID, but I have no idea how to parse them using bash script, what I know is how can I get CPUID from

How to disable Hardware Acceleration in Linux?

How can I turn off Hardware Acceleration in Linux, also known as Direct Rendering. I wish to turn this off, as it messes with some applications like OBS Studio which can’t handle capturing of hardware acceleration on other applications since it’s enabled for the entire system. Certain apps can turn it on and off, but can’t do this for desktop and other apps.