React-router issues with deploying github pages, with create-react-app

I am having the hardest time deploying a simple react application to github pages. You move one file to a wrong directory and it throws the entire process off. What do I do once I run npm run build? That puts all my files into a build folder, but the browser still keeps giving me … Read more

Virtual host returns 404 when i add file path

i’m having a problem whit a web-site project i’m developing by myself.
I’ve downloaded XAMPP to manage the web-site server, db and files, than i configured a virtual host so now when i go to the url, it opens the index.html as i wanted.
The problem is that if i add something to the URL (like the server responds whit an error 404.
These are the settings of the ‘httpd-vhosts.conf’ file:httpd-vhosts.conf