Some apps doesn’t accept some characters from the «Compose» key

The problem is that the compose key works fine, but some application doesn’t accept some characters from it. E.g. I can type the character in Emacs (Compose+8+8), but this won’t work in FireFox, Konsole and Kate. But many other characters, e.g. typed there (in FireFox, Konsole and Kate) with Compose work just fine. Also I may insert a problem symbols with a simple copy-paste (from any of two clipboards).

using sudo on GUI applications

When I was using kubuntu, I could always open X applications with sudo, sudo kate for example. Now that I’ve switched to arch that doesn’t work. I know I’ve always been told to use kdesu, but what setting is there in kubuntu that lets me use sudo on X apps that prevents me from doing it on arch?

Expand KDE activities concept to the shell

Sometimes, I use KDE, and one of the things that I like the most in KDE 4 is the activity concept. At work, it is very useful because I often work on several different projects during one day. Switching to another activity enables me to change the widgets, so that I can have access to folders related to the current project, for instance.