Trying to SSH to local VM Ubuntu with Putty

I have set up a VM of Ubuntu server, have installed OpenSSH, and am now trying to connect to it using Putty. Within Putty, under “Host name”, I put “Ubuntu”, given this is what I thought it was called when I set up the VM. However, I just get the error: “Connection Timed Out”.

Any reason NOT to run Linux in a VM all the time?

I’ve switched to using Arch Linux for most of my day to day work and don’t need Windows for anything but gaming and the couple of apps that aren’t ported to Linux like OneNote. My Linux distribution is hosted in VirtualBox with Windows as host, and I quite like it that way, snapshots are incredibly useful.

VirtualBox: two network interfaces (NAT and host-only ones) in a Debian guest on Ubuntu

I created a Debian VM on VirtualBox with two interfaces: a NAT one (for accessing internet) and a host-only one. However, I do not know how to make both interfaces work at the same time. If I the define the host-only as the adapter 1, I can access my VM from the host but not the internet; if I define the NAT one as adapter 1, I can access the internet but cannot reach my guest Debian.